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World Thrombosis Day in Dubai

Lunch and Learn & Step Challenge!

This year again, Aspen MENAT in collaboration with the Global Team actively supported the “World Thrombosis Day” campaign. During the days around the 13th of October 2019, the Dubai office organized several initiatives to raise awareness about thrombosis. We can and should all do better together as VTE is still considered today as the leading cause of preventable death in hospitals.

On October 13th, the marketing team organized a “Lunch & Learn” session where our product manager thrombosis, Suhaib Abushaqra, shared information about thrombosis, the signs, symptoms, facts, and prevention methods. The presentation rapidly transformed into an interactive Q&A session where all employees asked all questions they had in mind, while having a healthy lunch.

Sitting for more than 90 minutes increases your risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, whether you are travelling via plane, commuting to work by metro or car, or simply sitting at your desk! Therefore, on October 14th, the marketing team put into place a Step Challenge. Because thrombosis can be prevented by simply moving, all employees have been asked to download a step counter app and get moving the whole day.  All employees were enthusiastic about the game, making efforts to take the stairs (14 floors are quite a challenge by itself), going to the gym or taking team walks outside despite the 35° and all have achieved beyond expectations! From 45000 steps to 2000 steps, everyone participated and asked to carry this initiative on a monthly basis… Who’s up for the challenge? Stay tuned! 

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