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World Thrombosis Day in Dubai

Awareness day on prevention of blood clots

DID YOU KNOW? Immobility increases your risk of developing a blood clot in your leg. It is especially relevant as we are sitting at our desks for extended periods of time, 5 days a week!

This World Thrombosis Day, Aspen Healthcare decided to get moving and joined thousands of people worldwide to raise awareness on blood clots…by cycling! 13 employees from the Dubai HQ took advantage of this amazing opportunity to enhance their wellness, improve their health, reduce stress and end the week on a sportive note!

Remembering that a healthy blood flow starts with a healthy lifestyle and a regular physical activity, the MENA team enjoyed a 45 minutes high intensity cycling class, while raising awareness on this serious condition that could affect anyone.

In addition to the fun fitness class and internal e-mailing campaign, Aspen MENA sponsored the World Thrombosis Day activity that took place at the Dubai Hospital, one of the major and most reputed hospitals in Dubai.

In collaboration with the Emirates Hematology Society (EHS) and the Emirates Medical Association (EMA), the team distributed educational content, interacted with patients and visitors to increase awareness on VTE, informed about the signs, symptoms, risks factors and prevention, and built strong relationship with healthcare professionals to take adequate action against this disease.

This year’s World Thrombosis Day has been a success both internally and externally, raising awareness on this condition that could affect anyone. Till next year!

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